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Is American Made Schoolhouse accredited?

Pursuant to Wyoming Statute 21-4-101(iv)  (iv) "Parochial, church or religious school" is one operated under the auspices or control of a local church or religious congregation or a denomination established to promote and promulgate the commonly held religious doctrines of the group though it may also include basic academic subjects in its curriculum. Nothing contained in W.S. 21-4-102(b), 21-2-401 or 21-2-406 grants to the state of Wyoming or any of its officers, agencies or subdivisions any right or authority to control, manage, supervise or make any suggestions as to the control, management or supervision of any parochial, church or religious school which meets the requirements of W.S. 21-2-406(a);


Is the American Made Homeschool Resource Center accredited?

American Made Homeschool Resource Center is designed to supplement education only. Homeschool credits are given by the parent and/or guardian only.

The American Made Schoolhouse is designed to simply administer curriculum. It is up to the parent to grade, maintain records and make sure their child is understanding the material.

Are your teachers certified?

At American Made, we understand that the quality of education is of utmost importance to our families. While some of our teachers hold formal certifications, others may not may not. We believe that true expertise goes beyond traditional credentials.

Our focus is on selecting passionate and dedicated educators who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Our priority is to create an engaging and enriching learning environment where our students can thrive academically and personally. Rest assured, our carefully chosen instructors are committed to providing a high-quality education, tailored to the unique needs of homeschooling families. We prioritize subject matter expertise, a love for teaching, and a genuine dedication to the success and growth of our students.

Are parents required to participate?

Parents are encouraged to participate! However, it is not required. There is a comfortable sitting area parents to talk with other parents while their children are attending classes.

Parents are also encouraged to volunteer. Inquire any questions you have to Ms. Sam about volunteering.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies. To see the pricing for our Homeschool Resource Center, please click here.

To see the pricing for our Schoolhouse, please click here.

How many classes can my children take from the American Made Resource Center?

As many classes as you'd like! The possibilities are endless.

Can my child take classes from American Made Resource Center if they attend the American Made Schoolhouse?

Yes! In fact, students from the American Made Schoolhouse qualify for a special discount. They can take unlimited classes from the Homeschool Resource Center for $50 per month, per student.

Can I attend American Made if I live outside of Park County? If we don’t homeschool?

Yes to both!

Do you offer summer programs?

Yes! We will have summer programs in the summer of 2024.

How much time does it take to homeschool?

Below is recommendations from Khan Academy for how much time should be spent homeschooling. Take into consideration that these guidelines are based on the time a child should spend focusing solely on academics. Children need lots of breaks! I can guarantee, these’s guidelines are a lot less than you’d think! 


Here’s a breakdown:


Grades PreK-2      1 to 1.5 hours per day

Grades 3-5            2.5 to 3.5 hours per day

Grades 6-9            3 to 3.8 hours per day

Grades 10-12        3.5 to 4 hours per day

Am I qualified to homeschool as a parent or a grandparent?

Yes! Any parent or guardian can homeschool. We are a proud supporter of all things homeschool!

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